Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Holiday House in Hourtin, France

We finally moved back to the UK earlier this year after living in France for 4 years.  Hourtin is a very small village with a population of just 3500 most of the year except in the holiday season when it shoots up to 40,000 for 8 weeks of the year.  During this short seasonal period, all the local restaurants and bars are open, in fact everything is open which is amazing after a very quiet 10 months. 

However, all that said the holiday season can also be quite annoying, my usual parking space outside the 'tabac' no longer exists as a market trader uses the space to sell his line of 'beach towels', you queue to even get into the village and the local supermarket continues in it's 12 months very slow way and the fact that people with baskets and trolleys are backed up all the way to the end of store doesn't seem to make the cashiers work any faster at all.

We left Hourtin in April and planned on renting the house out for this summer, and finally after several trips back there the house is finally ready.  We have actually just returned from our third trip and are left feeling completely exhausted, you have no idea how hard we worked, how hot it was, and how little we ate and how much we sweated to be ready for Sunday and our very first guests.  It had been so hot peaking at 44 degrees one day, and the other days all over 35 degrees that all jobs and tasks were taking longer than anticipated and how our energy levels were dropping rapidly.  We didn't get a lot of sleep mainly as there was so much to do, every time I looked around I only saw chaos - it was similar to that sinking feeling when I step into Izzy's bedroom....Where on earth do you begin?!!!

And so, back here on my cosy sofa I can finally calm down, think back over the last few years and the last few very crazy weeks, and now think about the holiday rental market as well.....Oh la la....

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